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Camp Imprint is an all-seasons facility which provides a unique environment for church, family and community groups to gather and explore the beauty that God has provided, for the purpose of spiritual reflection and growth. It is composed of 135 acres of magnificent, rugged terrain, and features climate-controlled buildings, for eating, showering and sleeping. Camp Imprint is not administered by any specific religious affiliation or group, nor does it provide a program or structure for how you spend your time at the camp. Visiting groups are encouraged to define their own programs and agenda to best meet the objectives of their intended spiritual journey.


Away from the city… technology…too many places to go…and too much to get done, Camp Imprint offers the exceptional, unique opportunity for people, both young and old, to get in touch with themselves and grow closer to their friends and family while renewing their faith. As the world slows and quiets, the heart and mind open to exploration and discovery. It's been said that God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars. The wilderness setting requires each person to move out of their day-to-day comfort zone and work as a team with others, fostering a strong sense of community. Confidence and self-reliance grow during team and individual activities. Strengths and abilities are revealed as new obstacles are met and conquered. Adventures abound and inspiration is discovered in the natural beauty of God's world.


• Churches
• Community groups
• Teen youth groups
• Family reunions
• Spiritual-based gathering of up to 48 people

A sense of community develops at the Adventure-Challenge course. Nature comes alive as students eagerly collect crawdads, lizards, and frogs. A weekend retreat where campers are surrounded by wilderness will teach unforgettable spiritual lessons. Evening campfires build a sense of community; a balance of team and individual activities fosters self-understanding and group relationships; devotions at the outdoor amphitheater... IT'S A PLACE TO GROW!!

Whether it's a retreat for youth, singles groups, family reunions, Christian family camp, or a week-long Bible Camp, all will find ….. IT'S A PLACE FOR RENEWALS!!


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